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Trying to get an NSTableView in IB to be selectable but not editable. But de-selecting "Editable" for a column also removes the selecting capability.

Can someone tell me where I should insert this code to make it work (not working in app delegate or window controller) :

NSTextFieldCell *aCell = [tableColumn dataCell];
[aCell setEditable: NO];
[aCell setSelectable: YES];

BTW that table is updated by dictionary bindings, and the dictionary controller is set to not editable.

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Set the columns to Editable, but the individual cell behaviour to Selectable.

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this is the simplest way to do it.. and should be marked as an answer ! – Miraaj Aug 30 '11 at 11:23

I'd try implementing tableView:shouldEditTableColumn:row:in your NSTableViews delegate and return NO. See here.

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