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I'm thinking of upgrading to OSX Lion. The only thing is, I don't want to lose my current rails environment and setup so I am wondering if upgrading to Lion is going to give me any problems? Has anyone else experienced any problems with the upgrade to their dev environment (i.e. databases, rvm, paths etc).


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Most people I know had some minor issues, but in the end thinks tend to work out. Some reading:

To sum it up, yes you'll likely have issues, but there shouldn't be any show stoppers. Just set aside a couple of hours and fix everything in one go.

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The only issue I ran into was needing to install Xcode. – Peter Brown Aug 27 '11 at 13:24

I installed lion and a number of things were giving me fits. (Couldn't find things like ruby.h, bundle install fails, etc)

Next I downloaded Xcode 4.1 (free with Lion) and the app store claimed it was installed.

At a shell prompt I ran "xcodebuild -version" and got a command not found. Clearly Xcode was not installed.

So I used spotlight (shortcut - command space bar) to search the mac for "Xcode install" and ran that to install Xcode 4.1

"xcodebuild -version" now worked and so far all other issues are resolved.

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