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how is it goin'?

Could you please tell me how I can implement a background and autoplay music in frontpage for Moodle 2.0.3?

I have opened the topics below on but was not able to solve my question:

For information, I have used some references and has not worked yet:

  • Flowplayer
  • HTML5 audio tag

I intend to make a new feature (extension) with this resource in order to represent Suggestopedia method for an Online English course.

I kindly hope your answer.

Best wishes, Samuel da Rocha - Universidade Cidade de São Paulo

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Just mentioning - autoplaying music is sometimes annoying. – xfix Aug 27 '11 at 13:09
Hi mr. Glitch. Thanks for your opinion. I intend to put a option for volume and stop the music execution as far as the user need, but my aim is to keep autoplay inicially. Any other suggestion? Regards, Samuel da Rocha – Samuel da Rocha Sep 4 '11 at 20:18
"Sometimes annoying"? Autplaying music is downright evil. If I visit your site and it has sound on autoplay I'll leave it as fast as possible and never come back. – Alvaro Rodriguez Nov 23 '12 at 15:08

The simplest approach for you is probably to build your own theme/modify your existing theme. You can control the audio play using a JS library like jQuery or YUI, and detect that you're on the front page by checking for body.pagelayout-frontpage. You can build the audio controls into the /layout/frontpage.php header or footer or wherever you want it.

Another option would be to build a block which would play the audio and present audio controls. Then place the block on the page where you want the audio to play.

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