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I've got a tricky one that's stumping me, could you take a quick look over it please...

I draw a rectangle within another rectangle like this (I use it as a mask):

CanvasBorder.graphics.drawRect(100,100,550, 300);
CanvasBorder.graphics.drawRect((stage.stageWidth/2-Canvas.width/2),(stage.stageHeight/2-Canvas.height/2),250, 150);

effectively its a 550x300 box with a 250x150 cutout.

Within one of my functions I need to resize the INNER 'cut-out' box from 250x150 to 150x100 - but keep the OUTER box exactly the same.

Normally when I'd resize a normal rectangle I'd do this:

rectangle .width = 150;
rectangle .height = 100;

But this solution doesn't work and I don't know how to reference the cutout of the shape. Any ideas please I'm really struggling with this one and can't find anything on google.

thanks for your time


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solved via another forum. need to clear the graphics and readd. CanvasBorder.graphics.clear(); CanvasBorder.graphics.drawRect(100,100,550, 300); CanvasBorder.graphics.drawRect((stage.stageWidth/2-Canvas.width/2),(stage.stageH‌​eight/2- Canvas.height/2),150, 100); CanvasBorder.graphics.endFill(); –  Dean Rowe Aug 27 '11 at 13:41

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Maybe you can create ANOTHER Sprite or Shape like this:

// somewhere in your code declare the rectangleMask
var rectangleMas:Shape;

rectangleMask = new Shape();
// draw the rectangle the same way
// and add it to CanvasBorder (I assume that CanvasBorder is a DisplayObjectContainer)

Then you can just do the resize as you want:

rectangleMask.witdth = 150;
rectangleMask.height = 100;

If you want that rectangle to be a mask of CanvasBorder you can do this:

CanvasBorder.mask = rectangleMask;
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