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I have a macintosh at home and I can do an ssh through macintosh tools and then open up tabs for multiple connections. I have used putty and the free version of SSH Secure Shell. Are there any free SSH tools for windows that allow me to open new connections with tabs instead of a new window?

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Putty Connection Manager ( based on Putty.

PuTTY Connection Manager is a free PuTTY Client Add-on for Windows platforms which goal is to provide a solution for managing multiple PuTTY instances.


  • Tabs and dockable windows for PuTTY instances.
  • Fully compatible with PuTTY configuration (using registry).
  • Easily customizable to optimize workspace (fullscreen, minimze to tray, add/remove toolbar, etc...).
  • Automatic login feature regardless to protocol restrictions (user keyboard simulation).
  • Post-login commands (execute any shell command when logged).
  • Connection Manager : Manage a large number of connections with specific configuration (auto-login, specific PuTTY Session, post-command, etc...).
  • Quick connect toolbar to quickly launch a PuTTY connection.
  • Import/Export whole connections informations to XML format (generate your configuration automatically from another tool and import it, or export your configuration for backup purpose).
  • Encrypted configuration database option available to store connections informations safely (external library supporting AES algorithm used with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits, please refer for the legal status of encryption software in your country).
  • Standalone executable, no setup required.

Completely free for commercial and personal use : PuTTY Connection Manager is freeware.

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The project and the website seem dead. See related Putty Connection Manager Download – Shai Coleman Oct 28 '12 at 1:56

SuperPutty. SuperPutty is a project that started at google code but looks abandoned. I have forked the project at and downloads/discussions can be found at

I encourage any developers out there to fork my repo at github.

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Just to note other who see this post: Not anymore! Most recent update is from November 2012. And, I absolutely love it. – Jelmer Jan 17 '13 at 20:01

An old thread, but I found something quite nice so if there is someone like me still looking:

  1. Use KiTTY (a forked/better version of PuTTY)
  2. Use mRemoteNG as the "tabbed connection manager".
    • Set path to KiTTY.exe in "Use custom path for PuTTY" under Tools->Options->Advanced.

If you don't want KiTTY, just set PuTTY path there instead. But I highly recommend that you have a look at KiTTY before deciding as it has same look and feel and it copies your PuTTY settings so you don't have to spend a day porting all your old PuTTY connections.


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ConEmu also works fine. It typically used with Far Manager, but can be used with any other console/gui apps.

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It also supports split-screen feature (latest dev build). And you can set up list of predefined tasks (e.g. calling Putty sessions) for fast access. – Maximus Sep 6 '12 at 19:34

Poderosa is pretty much putty with tabs.


Tabbed style GUI It is convenient to open multiple connections at the same time. Moreover, you can split the window into panes and allocate each connection. Many different ways to connect. In addition to Telnet and SSH1/2, local cygwin shell and serial ports are supported.

Fulfilling options and tools A lot of terminal functions are available. Examples are: SSH2 port forwarding, SSH Key generation wizard, and SOCKS connections.

Plugin architecture You can extend the feature of Poderosa by plug-ins, like Eclipse does. Connections via serial ports and X/ZModem-support are provided as additional plug-ins. A manual for plug-in developers is included the installation package.

Government support In 2005, the Japanese government selected our innovative software project and provided financial resources to support it.

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The last release seems to be from 2006. For a tools that handles SSH/encryption that's not a positive point. – Joachim Sauer Apr 6 '09 at 14:02
I like poderosa. Thank you. – Bob Apr 7 '09 at 16:00
@Brian Gianforcaro, Your poderosa link is not working. please update. – sree Apr 3 '15 at 15:44

I've been looking for one myself and I find MobaXterm extremely good. It's still under development and they're making it better in each version. It used to be sluggish with tabs and had an annoying window flicker, which is resolved in the latest version. I've had my try at Poderosa and PuttyCM, Poderosa is not in active development. PutttyCM makes my alt+tab go haywire.

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I used PuttyCM, but it crapped out on Windows 7. In its stead, I have come to love MTPuTTY.

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Windows tool for managing multiple PuTTY instances in a single tabbed window.

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This is quite an old question. But I'd like to leave here a nice link with overview of some solutions to the problem.

Suggested way is to use Kitty and mRemoteNG.

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Noodle build of PuTTY suite, with chrome style tabbed UI and group-able and searchable session management. For Windows only.

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You could combine Console with any command-line SSH client. I use the one that comes with Cygwin.

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