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I queued up a bunch of jobs given each one an id that gets printed out. What I find surprising is when I queue up 140 jobs each with varying sleep(n) in them I still see the output of the workers in sequential order. Here is some example output of pulling down pages from an external http api:

Page: 124 Page: 125 Page: 126 Page: 127 Page: 128 Page: 129 Page: 130 Page: 131 Page: 132 Page: 133

Shouldn't this come back out of order since each page could take different amount of time?

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Each resque worker runs in a single thread. If you only have one resque worker processing a given queue, that queue will be processed serially. If multiple resque workers process a single queue you should see the results come back out of order as you expected.

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Side-note: I find the resque-pool gem makes it much easier than the out-of-the-box Resque rake tasks to manage multiple queues with multiple workers each. – d11wtq Aug 27 '11 at 17:30

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