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From the stop event of a draggable div, I call a php function through ajax. There are permission errors when that script saves the XML.

Warning: SimpleXMLElement::asXML(communities.xml) simpleelement.asxml failed to open stream: permission denied in c:\path\make_update.php. 

The ajax call is done in a div created dynamically, i.e. the div is created by a script and the call to save the xml is defined like this.

echo "  $('#".$node['ID']."').draggable({ stop: function(event, ui) { update_div('".$node['ID']."') } });\n";

The ajax call is done like this.

    function update_div(divid) {

        width= $('#'+divid).width();
        coord =$('#'+divid).position();
        dtop =;
        dleft = coord.left;
        name = "";

        /* alert ('Finished dragging! '+divid+' '+width+' '+height+' '+dtop+' '+dleft); */

       //define php info and make ajax call to update XML
           url: "make_update.php",
           type: "POST",
           data: { nodeid: divid, name: name, top: dtop, left: dleft, width: width, height: height },
           cache: false,
           success: function (response) {

               if (response != '') 



ini_set('display_errors', 1);

function make_update( $nodeid, $name, $top, $left, $width, $height ) {

$nodes = new SimpleXMLElement('communities.xml', null, true);

$returnArray = $nodes->xpath("//COMMUNITY[@ID='$nodeid']");  
$node = $returnArray[0]; 
$node->TOP = $top;


return $node->TOP;

echo make_update(trim($_REQUEST['nodeid']),trim($_REQUEST['name']),trim($_REQUEST['top']),trim($_REQUEST['left']),trim($_REQUEST['width']),trim($_REQUEST['height']));


The data is being retrieved from the XML file. The problem is the permission to save the file. Elsewhere I am able to save the XML. The difference here is that the script is called from .draggable(). How do I define the permissions to be able to save the XML in that scenario? The permission on the XML and the directory where it is located are read write.

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It has to do with the folder/file permissions defined on the server. Open the properties for the folder that the XML file resides in Windows and make sure your server can read/write to that folder.

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