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I'm trying to make application in GTK and I need to make make my application able to drag item from one listview to another. Is it possible? If yes, please place me here example or tutorial website. Note: I'm using C# in MonoDevelop 2.4

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Is it Possible?

Yes! It is possible and not that difficult to implement. (Especially if you are using a high level language like C#.)

Example or Tutorial Website?

If you want Drag And Drop in Gtk, then I think what you are looking for is the Gtk.Drag Class. You can see it's usage in the Mono-Project Docs. There is also a tutorial available at Gnome.org . Although the tutorial is for GTK+ , it shouldn't be too hard to port it for use with GTK#. I am not sure if I can find valid tutorials for Drag and Drop in Gtk.ListView, but you can get the general idea by seeing this PyGTK tutorial on Drag and Drop with Gtk.Treeview : Tutorial Link. and this Gtkmm one : Tutorial Link . There is another GTK+ DND tutorial over here: Tutorial Link . You may also look at the Pyjama Project sources.

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