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I'm developing some library and created this buggy code:

Gmaps = {}; = new Gmaps4RailsGoogle(); //there exists a default callback function in the created object
function load_map() {;
window.onload = load_map();
//-------------------- = function(){ alert('ok'); }

I thought, because the whole page is loaded, that callback would have been changed and alert message displayed.

But it's not the case and I haven't any error message in firebug.

If I then execute in console, it works fine.

Is there any reason why the callback isn't overriden?

For context sake, code between --------- is created by the library but developers would be able to override some functions in his html.

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You're not executing load_map onload. You're executing it immediately here:

window.onload = load_map();

and storing it's return value inside window.onload, so nothing is happening onload. Just change that line to:

window.onload = load_map;
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Thanks a bunch :) – apneadiving Aug 27 '11 at 21:57

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