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I'm trying to create an etension for Google Chrome. I am monitoring page text selection and i want the popup page to recieve the selected text when i click on the popup button.

Is there a way to pass variables to a popup? I understand, that messging doen't work for closed popups, so what should i do?

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Once a text is selected send it to a background page where you would store it in lets say textSelection global variable. Once popup is opened you can access this variable with:

var selection = chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage().textSelection;

(you can access any variable and function from a background page directly, without requests)

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Your question can't be concisely answered, but I recommend you look here and read through some of the code samples:


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i've read it and it doesn't cover a lot. –  DataGreed Aug 28 '11 at 8:34

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