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I'm trying to debug an XMPP application I'm building in javascript. I want to use FireBug because I think it works really well as far as javascript debuggers go. The problem I'm having is an XSS issue. The XMPP server we're using is located on another machine an I need to connect to it.

I can debug no problem in Chrome using the --disable-web-security flag when opening the application. I just can't seem to find the Firefox equivalent (if there even is one). Every thing I'm finding on the issue is years old targeting ancient versions of Firefox.

I was hoping it would be a config value in about:config or at least an extension I could install but I'm coming up blank.

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I've written a simple one-button Firefox add-on that adds the CORS headers to every request. Works for me.

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Awesome, thanks, this is exactly what was needed! – Dan Smart Jul 9 '12 at 10:35

You may try this, as long as there is a about:config in FireFox 6 with this property

about:config -> security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy -> false
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