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I have an image map on my site, and it works in everything except IE.

This is the code:

    <div id="content">
    <div style="text-align:center; width:302px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;">
    <img id="alexpeteNav" src="nav.jpg" usemap="Aalexpetenav" border="0" width="302" height="274" alt="" />
    <map id="BalexpeteNav" name="AalexpeteNav">
    <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,297,72" href="" alt="009" title="009" />
    <area shape="rect" coords="0,68,297,140" href="about.html" alt="About alexpete" title="About alexpete" />
    <area shape="rect" coords="0,139,297,211" href="" alt="Google+" title="Google+" />
    <area shape="rect" coords="0,209,297,269" href="" alt="Facebook" title="Facebook" />

Any suggestions? Reasons?

The site is online at

Thank you.

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usemap expects a valid hash-name reference to an image map, i.e. # before the map name.

I guess the other browsers are more lenient in that regard.

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Worked perfectly! Thanks! – 009 Aug 27 '11 at 21:52
@pekka Can you please look into my question and help me – Vignesh Kumar Jun 7 '14 at 5:02

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