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I'm trying to get contacts photo from content providers and facing some kind of issue with this query.

Cursor photo = cr.query( 
                   new String[] {
                   Data._ID + "=?",  
                   new String[] { photoId }, 

This is the related line from logcat:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: the bind value at index 1 is null

After some tests,i figured out that I get this exception if one of the contacts have no picture set.

I searched and found this same problem. Seems like it's a bug. And I can't solve it. Any help will be appreciate.

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"Don't pass in null"? Instead change the query for an explicit "IS NULL" and don't accept a parameter for it. Icky, yes, but... Happy Coding. –  user166390 Aug 27 '11 at 22:31

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You certainly don't want to find photos with id=null, so you have to use this code:

if (photoId != null) {
   //your code here

Would be nice, if you posted full stack trace.

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Thank you. It worked! –  San Francesco Aug 27 '11 at 22:45

You're correct - it is the same problem as this:


You're also correct about it's being a bug.

The "bug" is in your code. You need to check your arguments for "nulls", and you should NOT do a query or an update if any of your input parameters are null!

Two choices:

if (myphoto[i] == null)

... or ...

if (myphoto[i] != null)
  query ()

It's YOUR responsibility to validate and clean up YOUR data before calling an API...


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