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hi, supposing i have a module in my rails lib folder with some method like below with a file name - my_module.rb:


Module MyModule
  class SystemModule
    def some_method
        ...some cool stuff...

if i wanted to use in my controller i would just call this:

require 'my_module'


How can i make and call some_method(like a helper method) from a view template?Where do i require my_module.rb

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Sorry but your code is messed up.

You cannot call an instance method on a class. So you either have to define some_method like

def self.some_method ...

or you need to call it like


Then modules are a bit tricky. You need to have the whole directory structure right. You need to provide a my_module directory. E.g. $RAILS_ROOT/app/lib/my_module/ and in this module you need to insert your system_module.rb file.

You should read how ruby handles modules, because rails is just a framework and common ruby rules apply.

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thanks for the help, will read more about modules, seems tricky at first. –  Hishalv Aug 28 '11 at 7:35

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