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Is there any internal method in postgresql to enable data compression over psql connection over tcp socket.

I can also use some other method that are not internal to postgresql, such as ssh compression or any other vpn compression. However, this may increase complexity.


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Tuning your queries to return only what is needed likely would be a simpler approach. – OMG Ponies Aug 28 '11 at 1:58
This would be great for jdbc as well. ETL using java usually requires lots of data (and thus lots of network traffic). – RobAu Jan 21 at 14:07

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When I was asking the same question about two months ago, the only answer was: use SSH. However I haven't checked that as we managed to split column into two and download about 200kB per query instead of 20MB and it was enough.

We had big rows in a table (with JSON inside). Your problem can be slightly different. Maybe you are getting rows you don't need? I've seen that too many times: get all rows from a table, sort in application, then get the first 10... when it is enough to use order by and limit.

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ssh is not handy for the purpose. For implementing ssh compression we have to have a ssh tunnel pinned to localhost:someport and we have to show the software this virtual port as postgresql port. can you suggest some other way? It is hard to understand why such compression is not developed if the protocol is tcp based and deals with large amounts of data. – seaquest Sep 5 '11 at 10:53
You can call psql on a remote machine like this: ssh -t psql – Rory Aug 28 at 9:48

It seems that starting with postgresql 9.2 there is an sslcompression option that defaults to true.

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