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I am writing a html5 stand alone app (not hosted on a server). How do I package and deploy it to the iPhone simulator or (eventually) to the apple store? Do I need to create a project in xcode that loads and display the app in a web view? Are there any tutorials on how to do this?

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Phonegap is a very good tool to bundle your webapp into a phone app. It should able to help you ports to most of the popular platform :)

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I was looking at that. What is unclear to me is how much control I would have (plus I like to know how things work). I don't want to click a button, then 'magic happens'. If I choose to move away from phonegap, could I do so easily? There are a few limitations to phonegap, so I would like to explore a native approach before I explore another option. – TERACytE Aug 28 '11 at 4:21
After more research I decided to give 'Appcelerator Titanium Mobile' a try. Quynh, since my choice is more of a preference than a rejection of your reply, I'm voting up your answer. Thanx. – TERACytE Aug 31 '11 at 3:56

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