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I have a service which has an operation by the name 'Operation1'. This service is a RESTful WCF service which receives the request and gives back the response in the JSON format. The request and the response are the objects of a class.

Now, on the operation contract for 'Operation1', when I set the 'BodyStyle' option as 'Wrapped', I am not able to de serialize the request or the response object. For example, I am not able to de serialise the JSON response object in my client or I am not able to de serialise the request object that I receive in my service.

The interesting point is when I set the 'BodyStyle' option as 'Bare', I am then able to de serialize both the request and the response objects. The issue occurs only when I am using the BodyStyle option as 'Wrapped'. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What did you expect to happen with 'Wrapped'? Its documentation seems to indicate that it is only meaningful for XML serialization. –  Henning Makholm Aug 28 '11 at 7:34 it? I guess I would have missed that. Do you have any link that says so? Can you please pass that to me? –  user904411 Aug 28 '11 at 7:50
Here's the documentation. Now, what did you expect it to do? –  Henning Makholm Aug 28 '11 at 7:51
@Henning: The link doesnt say that when the BodStyle is set to Wrapped, it wont work for JSON. I want my service to accept the Request object and Post the response object in the wrapped manner. However, the problem that I am facing is that it is not de-serializing when the body style (for request or for response), is wrapped. The deserialised object (request for service and response for client) appears as null. However, when the body style is set to 'Bare', it works perfectly well. My question is is there any tweaking that we may need to do for the thing to work in the 'Wrapped' format? –  user904411 Aug 28 '11 at 8:17
I expect that when the BodyStyle is set to Wrapped (even for JSON), it should be de serialized properly. It is not happening so in my case. I am getting null. But it works well for BodyStyle set to Bare. –  user904411 Aug 28 '11 at 8:44

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