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I have used CellList for listing my data using ListDataProvider for managing the data and SelectionModel for selecting an element from CellList and generating events accordingly.

Now when i update or delete element using cellList.getList().set(index, bean) or cellList.getList().remove() it sucessfully do the operation. But after that it automatically selects the first record in CellList which i do not want.

Can anyone suggest how can i deselect the selected record in CellList?

Below is the code how i am initializing the selectionmodel and listprovider:

ListDataProvider<AppsBean> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<AppsBean>();
CellList<AppsBean> appsCellList;
SingleSelectionModel<AppsBean>  singleSelectionModel;

ProvidesKey<AppsBean> keyProvider = new ProvidesKey<AppsBean>() {
        public Object getKey(AppsBean item) {
            // Always do a null check.
            return (item == null) ? null : item.getId();
    //here cell is the AbstractCell<AppsBean>    
    appsCellList = new CellList<AppsBean> (cell, keyProvider);

    singleSelectionModel = new SingleSelectionModel<AppsBean>(keyProvider);
    singleSelectionModel.addSelectionChangeHandler(new SelectionChangeEvent.Handler() {

        public void onSelectionChange(SelectionChangeEvent event) {
            AppsBean selectedApp = singleSelectionModel.getSelectedObject();
            if (selectedApp != null)

When i am adding the new record:

dataProvider.getList().add(0, appsBean);

For updating the record:

AppsBean bean = singleSelectionModel.getSelectedObject();
dataProvider.getList().set(dataProvider.getList().indexOf(bean), appsBean);

And for delete:

int selectedIndex = dataProvider.getList().indexOf(singleSelectionModel.getSelectedObject());
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You will have to implement a KeyProvider in order to make sure that your selected DTO stays the same even when the object itself changes.
If you don't provide a KeyProvider it will probably use equals to compare the objects and if they change then you might run into problems.

ProvidesKey keyProvider = new ProvidesKey() {
    public Object getKey(Contact item) {
       //return the unique identifier for your DTO
       return (item == null) ? null : item.id;

Then you have to initialize the CellTable and selectionModel with this keyProvider

 CellList cellList = new CellList(new ContactCell(),keyProvider);

 SelectionModel selectionModel = new SingleSelectionModel(keyProvider);

Update De-selecting a selected object works like this:

 Object obj  = selectionModel.getSelectedObject();
 if (obj != null) {
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Its working for cellList.getList().set(index, bean). Thanks. But when i do cellList.getList().remove(index) it automatically select the first record in the list. How can i deselect the current selection using code? –  vbjain Aug 30 '11 at 9:24
@vbjain: see my update –  Ümit Aug 30 '11 at 12:20
Object obj = selectionModel.getSelectedObject(); if (obj != null) { selectionModel.setSelected(obj,false); } is working fine with one issue. The object is getting deselect perfectly. But when i try to select it again without selecting any other object then i am not able to select it. How can i do it? –  vbjain Aug 31 '11 at 8:48
I am not sure what you mean. Are you selecting the CellList entry programmatically or by clicking on it? What happens exactly? Does it work if you select another entry? –  Ümit Aug 31 '11 at 11:55
For example, i have 3 objects in list. I selected the 2nd entry and then programmatically calling deselect it as the above code provided by you. Thats working fine. Now manually i click on 2nd entry itself but no selection event being fired and nothing get happened. Then if i select first entry its working fine. And now again selecting the 2nd entry then also its working fine. –  vbjain Aug 31 '11 at 12:12

I was having the same problem with GWT 2.5.1. Deselecting the object programmatically was not working: the next row was selected when I deleted the object from the list of the data provider (and the deselection threw another unwanted event). The solution was to do:

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I had the same issue: @vbjain wrote: Now when I update or delete element using cellList.getList().set(index, bean) or cellList.getList().remove() it sucessfully do the operation. But after that it automatically selects the first record in CellList which I do not want.

After hours of googling I found, that it happend when keyboard policy is:


If you select KeyboardSelectionPolicy.DISABLED, you can not list up/down by keyboard, but the issue with selection of first row is resolved.

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