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I'd like create a new CSS class but based (inherited) from ui-state-default from jQuery UI. I'd like change some parameters like the backgroud. As background by default it's a picture, in jQuery UI class, I'd like keep all properties except this background.

Any idea ?


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It sounds like you want to somehow "inherit" the ui-state-default class. I don't think you can inherit a CSS class like you do in a normal OO language, but you could achieve this effect by creating another class, say, foo and use both of the classes in your elements and in your CSS definition.


<div class="ui-state-default foo">...</div>


.ui-state-default.foo {
  background: red;

One thing you need to make sure is that, the css definition has more specificity than the one generated by the ThemeRoller. If you are not familiar with the CSS cascading rules, have a read.

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background{none !important;}
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I clarify my question. I want created a class based on a jQuery UI theme class but need to change a property. If I change theme a create one via the ThemeRoller my class as the same characteristics expect the baclground –  Kris-I Aug 28 '11 at 9:09

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