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I need to test some function, that needs my application's database and context.

I used to implement my testcase like this:

// TestCase is in the same package with tested module
package com.ircos.andromeda.utils;
// database operation classes
import com.ircos.andromeda.database.MeasurementDbAdapter; 
import com.ircos.andromeda.database.SessionDbAdapter;
import com.ircos.andromeda.database.domain.Measurement;
import com.ircos.andromeda.database.domain.Session;
import com.ircos.andromeda.exceptions.ExportException;

public class SessionExportHelperTestCase extends AndroidTestCase {

So, I thought context, retrieved by getContext() should return my application's context and I'd be able to use the database just like from application itself.

But I failed. What am I doing wrong?

protected void setUp() {
    sessionDbAdapter.open(); // exception fires here!


public void open() throws SQLiteException {
    if (isOpen())

    this.open(new DatabaseManagementHelper(this.ctx)); // context is null!
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Presumably, you have not assigned getContext() to this.ctx, and so this.ctx remains null.

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Thanks, you re right. I'm completely new to android, so I assumed, that test case's context would be same to context of application I tested :\ Now I use ApplicationTestCase to acquire right one. And I use now test application's resources to store some reference data for tests, and stucked upon how to get the context of test application%) getSystemContext() did not help. Can you help me? I'd place this as separate question. –  Max Aug 28 '11 at 21:35
getContext() of an AndroidTestCase will give you a context suitable for testing resources. –  CommonsWare Aug 29 '11 at 5:58

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