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I've spent at least two hours guessing and looking around google for a way to do this. I got this far:

set A = C: \Users\Owner\Desktop\OutputFiles\LinkToHat.txt
start firefox A

I'm trying to open firefox with the website being the link that is inside the LinkToHat.txt file. I only know Lua, so I figured it would load the variable's value, rather than the website "A". Thanks

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Accessing a "set" variable needs the variable name surrounded by '%'s, e.g. %A%.

set A=C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\OutputFiles\LinkToHat.txt
start firefox "%A%"

Double quotes are added to prevent problems incur by spaces in the variable. (No problem now but you may have a URL with spaces assigned to A later)

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By the way, no need to add double-quotes when setting a variable even if the value contains spaces. set B=C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Deskop\a.html is okay. – Ron Lau Aug 28 '11 at 8:44

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