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I´m having problems understanding some basic strategies using doctrine 2 in codeIgniter 2 development.

Background: CI is up and running with doctrine, I can get entities from database and save them.

Example: I have few controllers, where I would like to list latest articles. In my pure CI application I would have 'getLatest' -method in my model. I then would call this in all of my controllers, loading correct view etc.

But now I have doctrine models and not sure how to do this. I just cant add same method to my model. What I have done is moved that getLatest-logic to controller and this does not look right. Now I would need to call other controllers from my actions to get these latest articles. Or should I really duplicate that code in every controller where I need it?

I am still struggling with this. My CI models and doctrine entities have same names and are located in same "application/models/" folder. These together cause several problems. I am trying to change this path, but cant get it work. I have used this library class for loading doctrine: http://wildlyinaccurate.com/integrating-doctrine-2-with-codeigniter-2/ Any tips?

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Your getLatest functionality belongs in the model, not the controller. Each of your Doctrine 2 models has its own Repository, which you can get with $em->getRepository('Your\Model'). The default repository (\Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository) has several methods that might be useful to you:

$repository = $em->getRepository('Your\Model');

$all_entities = $repository->findAll();

$some_entities = $repository->findBy(array(
    'some_column' => 'some_condition'
), $order_by, $limit, $offset);

If Doctrine's built-in repository doesn't do what you need, you can create your own repository for any of your models:

class YourRepository extends EntityRepository

    public function getLatest()
        // Your getLatest logic here
        return $this->_em->createQuery('SELECT m FROM Your\Model LIMIT 10');

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No, you should not neither duplicate nor move that code to controllers. Haven't tried that personally, but I think that doctrine Entities and CI models are completely independent. You may introduce some CI's models that incorporate that getLatest method, but really operate on Doctrine entities.

So you'll just use Doctrine entities and CI's models as usual. But don't forget to load doctrine library (if you bootstrapped as told in Doctrine manual) into models that use Doctrine entities.

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So doctrine models are not suppose to replace my CI models at all? Sounds interesting and promising. I assumed that because every tutorial has used doctrine models from controllers. –  Janne_ Aug 29 '11 at 11:13
Well, again, never tried that personally, but I see no reason why Doctrine models and CI's models can't work together. I thikn tutorials are intended to show how you can use doctrine entities in controllers, not how you should. –  J0HN Aug 29 '11 at 11:15
Ok, thanks. I understand it but like I said, it was stupid assumption. –  Janne_ Aug 29 '11 at 11:18

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