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I adapted this Tree Sample in GXT to my web app, so I would like to know how (and where) can I add an OnClickEvent Listener or something similar, that when I click in a child node (I only have one tier) this open a new tab

So I know how to add the new tab but I would like to know how to add the ClickEvent child element per child element.

Here is a capture of my app. enter image description here

Reply me if you don´t undestand something.

Thanks in advance!

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You can add selection change listener on a tree (TreePanel) like this..

  tree.getSelectionModel().addSelectionChangedListener(new SelectionChangedListener<ModelData>() {

        public void selectionChanged(final SelectionChangedEvent<ModelData> se) {
              ModelData m = se.getSelectedItem();

              if(isChildElement(m)) {
                   //Open the new tab here...
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