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Is there a way to make NERDtree remember the state of folds when switching from buffer to buffer?

Here the my complete .vimrc:

set ignorecase
set scs
let perl_fold=1
hi Folded cterm=bold ctermfg=yellow ctermbg=lightblue
set modeline

cabbr N NERDTree

Here is what I am observing:

  • start NERDTree
  • select a file and use spacebar to open it in a new buffer (all folds are closed)
  • open some folds in the buffer
  • C-w w back to NERDTree
  • select a different file, use spacebar to open it
  • C-w w back to NERDTree
  • select the first file, hit spacebar

The folds I had opened originally are now closed. I am editing perl files,so the perl_fold=1 is in force. I'd like the state of the folds to be remembered as I bounce around from file to file.

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Are you sure about the <Space> mapping? I don't see it listed in NERDTree's help.

Anyway, NERDTree has nothing to do with your buffers content or state, it's only a file explorer.

Without some mechanism to keep state of your buffers your folds are lost when you open a new file. Luckily you can add set hidden to your .vimrc.

With it buffers are kept around until you explicitly delete them with :bd. This means that you still have your folds when going back to your previous file, either by using NERDTree or by using :b <Tab>.

The Vim wiki has nice pages about buffers.

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Thanks! set hidden does the trick. btw - double checked, and space in NERDTree opens the file in the window to the right. –  user5402 Aug 28 '11 at 15:40

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