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I have more than 3 views. My database looks like this:


    CatID | CatTitle
      1   | XYZ
      2   | Sample

    ItemID | ItemCatID | ItemText | ItemText2 | ItemText3 | ItemText4
      1    |     1     |   Test   |    Bla    |  Sample   |  MoreContent
      2    |     1     |   Test2  |  BlaBla   |  Sample2  |  Other Content
      3    |     2     |   Test3  |  BlaBla2  |  Sample3  |  Other Content2

I want a view where first page category, second page list (ItemText), third page detail.

I'm not sure how to go about accomplishing that. If I use JOIN should I define "sqlite3_stmt *compiledStatement" in triple?

I think it can be done with 'For', "get parent,child" (like a cursor in java)?

Any advice welcome.

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I'm not sure what you want. Can you be more specific?

I can give you two tips though, first SQLite does not support stored procedures and has a very limited support for PL/SQL:http://www.sqlite.org/whentouse.html if you REALLY MUST use it I suggest looking at this, I never tried it but it may work: http://chriswolf.heroku.com/articles/2011/01/26/adding-stored-procedures-to-sqlite

Second, you usually wanna use a Wrapper around SQLite c functions so you worry about the SQL itself more and less about the c functions, examples: Best Cocoa/Objective-C Wrapper Library for SQLite on iPhone

Hope this helps

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