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How to convert gwt Date to javascript Date ?

 public native String converToJSDate(Date date)/*-{

    alert(date instanceof Date);  // i get "false" 

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The easiest is to create an equivalent JS date:

JsDate.create((double) date.getTime())
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i want to use it inside javascript not java. from my code, i want to make (date instanceof Date) become true. –  cometta Aug 28 '11 at 15:49
Simply put: you can't. If your code is in JSNI only, then you could try date instanceof @java.util.Date but I'm not sure it'd work; you'd better try to do it in Java, using a isThisADate method that you'd implement as date instanceof Date in Java, and call from JSNI using @packageOf.MyClass:isThisADate(Ljava/lang/Object;)(date) –  Thomas Broyer Aug 29 '11 at 14:11
public native final JsDate convertToJsDate(Date val) /*-{
    return new $wnd.Date(val.@java.util.Date::getTime()());
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