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I am currently revamping my own website, however, I have tried dotclear and chyrp, both are very good. However, after many attempts trying to make the bog appear only in a table, I am giving up.

My aim is to have a blog inside of a table as shown in the image


Does anyone know how I can achieve that or know any other easier way or even another blog engine that allows me to do that?

Thank you.


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Of course, I don’t have the technical details of your web application, but one way would be to place your blog inside an IFRAME (either instead of a table, or place the IFRAME inside the table).

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If you want to do thing properly (not using an iframe), it is not possible at all. The reason is that a CMS generate a complete page, with a header and internal link.

My suggestion is to do it the other way: adapt the CMS to display a menu on the left and a title above.

In dotclear, this can be done easily by doing a template. Even better: your goal might be achievable by using some dotclear theme and some extensions like "simplemenu".

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