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I'm working with CJKLIB, using the getReadingForCharacter, to convert Chinese characters into pinyin. However, is there some way

readings = cjk.getReadingForCharacter(c, 'Pinyin')

The problem is that it returns pinyin with the tones on them, which I do not want. For example, I want "Beijing", not "Běijīng" - with all the tone marks.

Anyone know how I can get an output without the tones? Thanks!

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One option would be to strip the diacritics since there is a limited number of them. – NullUserException Aug 28 '11 at 17:14
How does one "strip" the diacritics? Just a global find / replace after I'm done? – reedvoid Aug 29 '11 at 2:08

The solution simply is:

>>> cjk.getReadingForCharacter(u'北', 'Pinyin', toneMarkType='none')

You can read more about possible options here:

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Maybe using a simpler lib fit your task better and faster, cjklib don't provide an API to convert chinese to pinyin without tone.

such python lib is as follows:

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