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While full-blown AOP has not hit the mainstream yet, simpler versions of AOP based on interceptions, filters, annotations etc. certainly have.

It has been a while since I looked at UML standard and tools. So, I wonder what are the ways to represent AOP constructs in UML?

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This Wikipedia article: Aspect-Oriented Software Development has some models created using Motorola WEAVR. WEAVR proposes an UML profile that works with class and state machine diagrams. A lot of work is being realized on Aspect-Oriented Modeling (AOM). You could look at AOSD 2013 Conference too.

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Theme/UML is an important tool too. – Pedro Ghilardi Aug 24 '12 at 13:50

There are plenty of profiles for defining aspect-oriented systems in UML. What I don't know is whether any of them have been integrated into a well-known UML tool since most (all?) of them come from the research community.

Apart from just searching in google with the keywords "aspect profile UML", you can take a look at the papers published in the series of Aspect modeling workshops:

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