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I'm using 2 membership providers on my Umbraco CMS. 1 provider is used for CMS users and the other is to be used for site membership.

I have 2 role providers too - UmbracoRoleProvider & AspNetSqlRoleProvider. How do I access each one in the code? e.g. when a new user registers, I'd like to add a role for them as "member", but it defaults to the Umbraco role provider because that is the default.

I thought I'd be able to do something like this:

Roles.AddUserToRole(EmailAddress.Text, "Member", "AspNetSqlRoleProvider");

Or something similar, but can't find any info on it. Can it be done over a few lines of code, or is it more complex than that?


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Using multiple role providers is not supported out of the box. You could use the Composite pattern to implement your own role provider that checks both for valid roles and memberships, but I would try to find a way to use a single role provider instead.

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Okay I'll look to do that. Thanks –  e-on Aug 30 '11 at 16:39

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