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Is it worth it to purchase graphics packages (icons, images, etc) versus trying to find free ones licensed for reuse through google images, etc.

I wanted to get feedback for any

  • Good free resources for common web images or
  • Any paid ones as well if folks think its worth it
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Well known and often used are the icons by famfamfam.com. You can use under CC and have to mention the author, backlink and send a mail with a link or screenshot. Read the license on website.

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Check out creativecommons.org . Read the license info, and do a search for icons, images, etc., that fall under the Creative Commons License. It is worth checking out and its free!

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Creative Commons License is free as far as money goes, but still requires attribution which is annoying if you're using a LOT of images. EDIT: I didn't realize they have a custom google search for CC licensed content, that's pretty cool! –  Steven T. Snyder Aug 29 '11 at 23:12
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