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I want to join several tables, but I want only to delete lines from the threadsread table. I got the following SQL that showsthe lines I want to delete.

SELECT * FROM threadsread tr, threads t WHERE 
tr.tid=t.tid and tr.uid=2111 and t.fid=30

On Mysql docs it states: "*For the multiple-table syntax, DELETE deletes from each tbl_name the rows that satisfy the conditions.*"

Getting the above select to a delete , will the threads table be also affected?

DELETE FROM threadsread tr, threads t 
WHERE tr.tid=t.tid and tr.uid=2111 and t.fid=30

If it will, how can I get only the threadsread table affected?

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In many (maybe most or all) SQL flavors, the delete statement you provide is actually invalid. Instead use:

DELETE FROM threadsread tr
USING threads t
WHERE tr.tid=t.tid AND tr.uid=2111 AND t.fid=30;

This makes it obvious that you are only deleting from the one table specified in the 'FROM' clause.

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I got sql as: DELETE FROM threadsread tr USING threads t Where tr.tid=t.tid and tr.uid in (2111, 2564, 2326, 2510) and t.fid=30 I took the prefix out. And I get a "#1109 - Unknown table 'mybb_threadsread' in MULTI DELETE" – Emerson Aug 28 '11 at 21:08
I tried not using aliases as mentioned on this article:… DELETE FROM mybb_threadsread USING mybb_threads t Where mybb_threadsread.tid=mybb_threads.tid and mybb_threadsread.uid in (2111, 2564, 2326, 2510) and mybb_threads.fid=30 But I still get the exactly same message... – Emerson Aug 28 '11 at 22:00
It sure sounds like 'mybb_threadsread' isn't a table. My best guesses: It's a typo, or it's not a table, but a view, or some other table-like object. (I don't know if MySQL would behave this way if you tried to delete from a view or not) – Flimzy Aug 29 '11 at 7:24
no, its not a view nor a typo. It works on the select command... Some of the info I got here:… – Emerson Aug 29 '11 at 10:15

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