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I have got experience working in Spring framework, but i find it very difficult to understand the basics of Spring AOP or AOP in general. Could you guys suggest me some good online tutorials/books you have come across to learn it.


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I learned by reading AspectJ Documentation.

I've found that these docs prepared me well enough to dive into Spring AOP without too much of a fuss.

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Ramnivas Laddad's book is very good indeed.

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There is now a second edition of that book (September 2010): manning.com/laddad2 A lot has happened in seven years. –  oligofren Nov 9 '11 at 14:08

Here's a tutorial that just appeared on DZone:


Also, I definitely won't claim that this is the best way to learn Spring AOP, but I wrote a short article showing how to use Spring AOP (with AspectJ annotations) to cause method calls to execute on a separate thread:


Also as duffymo said, Ramnivas Laddad's book is a good starting point.

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There are some videos which can help you to Learn AOP fast. (In total just 1 hour)

go to ->spring tutorials(videos 24,25,26 and 27)

they give you a fast start.After watching videos it will be much easier for you to go in details which you can from ->spring documentation

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these tutorials are good place to start spring.on your own –  Nirbhay Mishra Sep 26 '12 at 11:09

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