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I've just been trying out creating a list of applications installed on Android. I want to do this so I have a list of applications I've installed before I backup and reset my phone to factory settings.

It's going well so far, I have this information:

  • package Name
  • friendly name
  • version number/code
  • if its a system package (FLAG_SYSTEM)
  • if its a persistent app (FLAG_PERSISTENT)
  • and the application description

The last thing that I would like to have but that does not seem to exist is the name of the person/group/company etc that created the application. That way I can see if I have multiple applications by the same creator.

Is there a specific place this is stored in Android packages or does it just not exist?

I've had a good search around but I can not find anything, but I thought I would try a specific query about it before I give up.

Thanks in advance

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This is not stored anywhere in your Android package AFAIK. It's only set by the developer when they register their developer account.

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I had wondered if it might be like that and that information is only displayed in the Market app. An idea I have for an estimated solution is to look at the package names. I just found this code stackoverflow.com/questions/1250514/…. Using that on the list of package names is probably the closest I will get to what I want. –  Kioshiki Aug 28 '11 at 21:19

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