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I need some help with showing images in my portlet. I have images somewhere on HDD. I wrote servlet ImageServlet with doGet() method. I registered servlet in web.xml with mapping /images/*.

The problem begins when i try to show image:

<h:graphicImage url="/images/image.png" />

The doGet() method in servlet is not called. HTML output I get is:

<img src="/PortletName/images/image.png"/>

However when I'm using other tag, for example:

<jsp:include file="/images/image.png"/>

doGet() in ImageServlet is called (it doesn't work obviously, but it shows that servlet is registered correctly).

I tried mapping /PortletName/images/*, but it didn't help. And I can't write url without '/' in the beginning (I get an exception - Liferay forbids it).

Am I missing something while calling servlet from h:graphicImage? Or is there any way to get rid of /PortletName/ in the generated HTML? Or is there other way to display image (using include or something)?

Help would be appreciated :)

Edit: JSF 1.1; DTD portlet application 4.3.0; portlet-app_1_0.xsd; org.apache.portals.bridges.portletfilter.FilterPortlet

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What is the Portlet version? What is the JSF version? What JSF Portlet bridge (and version) are you using? – McDowell Aug 28 '11 at 22:07
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I managed to do it. I used Liferay PortalDelegateServlet:

and I used <img> tag.

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