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I want to add 1 hour to every Date it created using prototype and now I got this:

Date.prototype.addOneHr = function (){

However, I have to call it every new Date():

var date=new Date();

It is very inconvenient and it gives me more mess. D:
So I am thinking that if there is a way to call addOneHr() every time I created a new Date, so that it won't give me headaches when editing the JavaScript.

Any solutions are welcomed. Thanks.

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You can't do what you're asking, but you could make it a little better by altering your function slightly:

Date.prototype.addOneHr = function() {
  this.setTime(this.getTime() + 1000 * 60 * 60);
  return this;

By having it return the object, you can write code like this:

var a_date = new Date().addOneHr();
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I would strongly recommend against modifying Date's prototype to construct a date in the way you want it (this includes adding code to fire a callback function off when the Date is created).

Someone coming along and looking at your code will not immediately realize why all new Date()s are one hour in the future.

Instead, why not create a helper function that returns the Date you want and call it from everywhere instead:

function createDate() {
    var now = new Date();
    now.setHours(now.getHours() + 1);
    return now;

var date = createDate();
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If you're going to change the behaviour of a class then you risk confusing anyone else who looks at your code and doesn't expect it to work so differently. To follow the classical OOP pattern you must, of course, create a descendent.

DatePlusOneHour = Object.Extend(Date, {
    getTime: function() {
        return + 1000*60*60;

You might need to override more functions than just getTime or perhaps you can override the constructor this way. I'm sure you understand what to do next.

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