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I am working with an SQLite database. I have a table which contain the primary keys of 2 other tables as foreign keys; I want to delete one of them. Here is the code for the table:

protected static final String Item_places=(" CREATE TABLE " 
    + Item_place + "(" 
    + place_id + " INTEGER ," 
    + Item_id + " INTEGER  ," 
    + "FOREIGN KEY("+place_id+ ") REFERENCES " + PlaceTable + "("+ PlaceID+ " ) ON DELETE CASCADE" 
    + "FOREIGN KEY("+Item_id+ ") REFERENCES "+ contentTable+ "("+contentID+"));"); 
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You would need an ALTER TABLE DROP CONSTRAINT command but SQLite doesn't support this, see How do I DROP a constraint from a sqlite (3.6.21) table? for a workaround.

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