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The page Protecting Your Cookies: HttpOnly explains why making HttpOnly cookies is a good idea.

How do I set this property in Ruby on Rails?

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Set the 'http_only' option in the hash used to set a cookie


cookies["user_name"] = { :value => "david", :httponly => true }

or, in Rails 2:


cookies["user_name"] = { :value => "david", :http_only => true }

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Heads up - in rails 3 :http_only option was renamed to :httponly –  WTK Jan 25 '12 at 9:06

Re Laurie's answer:

Note that the option was renamed from :http_only to :httponly (no underscore) at some point.

In actionpack 3.0.0, that is, Ruby on Rails 3, all references to :http_only are gone.

That threw me for a while.

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Just set :http_only to true as described in the changelog.

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I also wrote a patch that is included in Rails 2.2, which defaults the CookieStore session to be http_only.

Unfortunately session cookies are still by default regular cookies.

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