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I have several divs like this:

<div class="MenuList"><a class="SiteLink" href="page.aspx">My Link</a></div>

The problem is that if the user clicks on the div but not on the text, the link won't trigger. This is what I have so far:

    $('#TopMenuBar .MenuList').click(function () {

What I'd like to do is extract the link from the anchor and go to the page.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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$('#TopMenuBar .MenuList').click(function () {
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Hm, if the desired behaivior is to extend the "clickable" surface of the anchor, perhaps using css on the .Sitelink-class is a good idea (padding, margin etc). That way you would not have to use Javascript/jQuery in this scenario.

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  $(document).bind("ready", function() {
      $('#TopMenuBar .MenuList a.SiteLink').click(function () {
          // do what you want to do here
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