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I am using juggernaut chat server.I am having redis and juggernaut server running on machine. I am able to do chats within my local network on vaious web browsers. Everything is working smoothly. As juggernaut is a server driven chat server so i am quite sure about the scalability thing. Now here is the thing:--

Whats the problem:

I want to have a iphone native app too where user can login and chat with his friends. Now the thing i want to know is how do I push on iphone app, cause for juggernaut client registration a javascript code is needed. Something like this:

          var jug = new Juggernaut;
      jug.subscribe("channel1", function(data){

Basically how do i push new notifications to Iphone chat window. I don't know much about iphone as I am web developer. Still from google search etc I came to know some possible ( may be) ways:-

  • We can embed a url in iphone window. Is this a good approach?
  • Other thing we can do is using UrbanAirship kind of services we can do push notifications. Will push notification works for chat? I don't know about that even.
  • Third option can be polling. Iphone chat client keeps on hitting my rails app for new notifications. But i think this will be a very bad approach.

What are the other possible solutions?

Can any iPhone/Android developer guide me what should i do. I will eventually hire a Iphone developer to do all the coding part. But I want to have a big picture in my mind so that I can provide a complete docs of all the things, and have a clear picture how I want to discuss things with him before writing down the code.

PS: I am looking for a solution which works for android/nokia devices too. Cause later on I will be developing an application for that too. Basically it will be good to have a same solution. if not then compatibility factor should be there atleast.

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Check out this library: https://github.com/fpotter/juggernaut-cocoa
It's really easy to use.

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Awesome.. Thanks.. also dont leave ur signature in the answer.. –  Mohit Jain Nov 27 '11 at 22:37
Ok, Thanks for the feedback. I'm fairly new to stackoverflow. –  Sam Baumgarten Nov 28 '11 at 21:37

Apparently there is WebSocket support in MobileSafari on 4.2 (source). You could probably write up a client that uses an embedded UIWebView to marshall the events to/from the Juggernaut server and deliver them to your app via shouldOpenURL and custom handlers.

You might also look at libPusher by Luke Redpath for interacting with push communication via the Pusher web service.

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Pusher seems too costly for me thats y I am setting up my own chat server on amazon. Juggernaut seems best option for it. All I need is to push chats on native Iphone/Android app without using pusher etc. –  Mohit Jain Aug 29 '11 at 2:21
version 4.2.. Its kinda latest one.. Then how facebook chat is working on iPhone on previous version of iOS? –  Mohit Jain Aug 29 '11 at 2:26
It could be polling, I'm not sure. Are you convinced they're using Juggernaut and/or WebSockets? –  Ben Scheirman Aug 29 '11 at 2:36

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