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There's probably a ton of stuff I'm probably missing but recently I was thinking how viable it would be on forms to have users perform an action in the UI such as drag/drop a (for example) paper widget into a box widget (possibly also randomly placed on the page) to represent submission of a form.

The idea behind it being, find some action that a human would more likely be able to perform than a bot. Would this in any way prevent spambots?

(I'm laughing as I type this btw, but I just wanted to see how crazy this idea really seemed)

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Sadly I don't think it would help. All that happens when a user clicks, drags and drops a component is that events (like click) get fired. You could just as easily fire those events programmatically if you were a spambot. Nice idea though.

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Yeah I was also thinking about that too, I guess in the end, basically everything you do on the page can be reverse engineered. – Ray Aug 29 '11 at 0:17

Like most home-made spam prevention methods, it'll work until your site is large enough that a spammer decides to pay some specific attention to your site -- at which point, it'll be broken to pieces. But there's no need to get as fancy as what you're describing. Spam-protection methods as simple as "type 'orange' into this box" or "what is one plus one" will work just as well, as long as your site is only being hit by automated tools.

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Yeah I was thinking mainly about the automated tools, something simple enough/not too annoying for a human to do yet still prove with a high certainty that you're dealing with a human... just kind of a random idea I had. – Ray Aug 29 '11 at 0:14

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