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Here is my qmake file. For whatever reason, when I try to compile the program SDL isn't being recognized. Why is this?

LIBS += -L/usr/include/SDL.h -lSDL

    render.h \

    screenwriter.cpp \
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It seems SDL uses pkgconfig:

$ repoquery -l SDL-devel | fgrep .pc

So the best way to link with it would be to use link_pkgconfig, instead of adding it manually to LIBS:

CONFIG += link_pkgconfig

This will automatically modify QMAKE_CXXFLAGS, QMAKE_CFLAGS, and LIBS for you, by calling pkg-config --cflags sdl and pkg-config --libs sdl.

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Have you tried

`sdl-config --libs` 

instead of -lSDL ?

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