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Hi I build a quiz application. I have the following (values/)question.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string-array name="question">
<item name="correct">A</item>
<item name="wrong">B</item>
<item name="wrong">C</item>
<item name="wrong">D</item>

I would like to have a question with four possible answers but when i retrieve my answers in Java.. I don't know which answer is correct. So I decided to use name attribute in the item tags to pass a value of 'correct' or 'wrong' answer. Is there anyway to get the name along with the tag value?

because when i use String[] test = res.getStringArray(R.array.question); I can only get the value of each item in my array.

or because this is my 1st time in Android. is there other suitable approach to do this?


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how can you solve that. i am facing same problem. please help. @flangofas –  Xplosive Apr 2 at 17:35
how to extract the name attribute from string array –  Ajinkya Jul 26 at 13:00

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You need to use Handler to parse the xml. to get attribute value, code is :


Try these links for reference: first and second

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thanks.. took me a while to understand what u meant but it sorted now thanks –  flangofas Sep 5 '11 at 17:22
i am getting error. there is no .getValue() function. please help. @gaurav –  Xplosive Apr 2 at 17:34

I have made many quizzes, and one nice way is to put correct option always on top, right after question. You can use random function to shuffle options while displaying in an activity.

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