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I have an array of latitude and longitude points. I use them to make markers on the map. What can I do to show all of the markers on the map at the same time. eg make a good fit so that if the markers are within a city I zoom it in to only show the city and not the whole state, country etc...


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something like this might help

private void centerGroup(int groupId){
        int minLat = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        int maxLat = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
        int minLon = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        int maxLon = Integer.MIN_VALUE;

        Cursor cursor = getYourLantLongs(groupId);

        if (cursor.moveToFirst()){
            final int LAT_INDEX = cursor.getColumnIndex(T.Waypoints.LATITUDE);
            final int LON_INDEX = cursor.getColumnIndex(T.Waypoints.LONGITUDE);

            do {
                final int lat = (int) (cursor.getFloat(LAT_INDEX)*1E6);
                final int lon = (int) (cursor.getFloat(LON_INDEX)*1E6);

                maxLat = Math.max(lat, maxLat);
                minLat = Math.min(lat, minLat);
                maxLon = Math.max(lon, maxLon);
                minLon = Math.min(lon, minLon);

            } while(cursor.moveToNext());

            mapController.zoomToSpan(Math.abs(maxLat - minLat), Math.abs(maxLon - minLon));
            mapController.animateTo(new GeoPoint((maxLat + minLat)/2, (maxLon + minLon)/2 ));

            final int cLat =  (int)((maxLat*1E6 + minLat*1E6)/2);
            final int cLon =  (int)((maxLon*1E6 + minLon*1E6)/2);

            final int zLat =  (int)Math.abs(maxLat - minLat);
            final int zLon =  (int)Math.abs(maxLon - minLon);

            //mapController.zoomToSpan(zLat, zLon);
            mapController.animateTo(new GeoPoint(cLat, cLon));

in short you make a square and zoom in.

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I was thinking about this but I didn't realize there was a zoomtospan feature. This is great thanks a lot! –  Sean Aug 29 '11 at 0:43
PS. consider changing mapView to MapController mapController=mapView.getontroller(), it was a little confusing when I didnt find the zoomtospan feature in the mapview class. –  Sean Aug 29 '11 at 1:40
ah, that was an omission in edit while copy-paste! and i was using a mapview-proxy. i have changed it to mapController. –  Samuel Aug 29 '11 at 1:56

Go through your array and save min and max values of latitude and longitude. Then use

mMapController.zoomToSpan((maxLatitude - minLatitude), (maxLongitude - minLongitude));

to get the right zoom level. And

mMapController.animateTo(new GeoPoint(

                                (maxLatitude + minLatitude)/2 ,

                                (maxLongitude + minLongitude)/2 ));

to move the map to the center of your markers.

Have fun!

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