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Is there any way I can make undo-tree-mode display the visualization in a "horizontal" buffer (ie. C-x 3 vs. C-x 2)?

What I want](![enter image description here

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The undo-tree package uses standard Emacs buffer display functions to show the tree window (as opposed to a specific function). To control how Emacs splits windows, you can customize the variables split-window-preferred-function, split-height-threshold, and split-width-threshold. Also check out the documentation for the function split-window-sensibly.

If you are OK with Emacs in general preferring side-by-side windows over top-and-bottom ones, put this code in your init file:

(setq split-height-threshold 0)

(If you want side-by-side windows only for undo-tree-visualize, the story is a little more complicated.)

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If it is needed only for undo tree then the variable can be set temporarily in an advice wrapped around the undo-tree-visualize function. –  Tom Aug 29 '11 at 5:59
@Tom I would give you an upvote if you write the code snippet for that advice in an answer ;) –  Daniel Dinnyes Mar 19 '13 at 16:33
@DanielDinnyes I know it's a year and a half later, but you can check my answer for that code snippet. :) –  meqif Aug 10 at 12:09

As per @Tom's suggestion, I whipped up a solution that applies only to undo-tree:

(defadvice undo-tree-visualize (around undo-tree-split-side-by-side activate)
  "Split undo-tree side-by-side"
  (let ((split-height-threshold nil)
        (split-width-threshold 0))
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tried it and looks good, thx! –  Daniel Dinnyes Aug 11 at 10:03
thanks! I tried it and works perfectly. –  wdkrnls Aug 11 at 12:52

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