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Using ParameterizedThreadStart would almost work but it requires object as parameter, which feels very wrong. Is it possible to pass a String through ParameterizedThreadStart?

        public void OpenUDirectory(String Directory)
              foreach (FileInfo FI in new DirectoryInfo(Directory).GetFiles())

I came up with the idea of adding an extension constructor to ParameterizedThreadStart so that I could cast String to Object and call the base method, but is there a cleaner way?

I'm sure I need to call the Invoke method so I have a delegate:

    public delegate void OpenDD(String Directory);
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You have to box is as an object when you start the thread. Then cast it back to a string and call your method.

That is the way it works since it gives the greatest range of flexibility.

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Alright, if I must do it this way then so be it! Thanks for your help. I do understand this way being the most flexible, object is universal. Thanks. – Mark Russ Aug 29 '11 at 1:36

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