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suppose my site grows such that I will need to send out hundreds and thousands of emails per day....will the PHP mail() function still suffice as a solution to such scenario or will I have to implement an alternative solution? If so, what solution should I seek in such scenario?

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its a matter of performance but i think its same to use mail function or socket connection i mean SMTP direct connection for sure . –  Marco Aug 29 '11 at 1:28
Forget that you ever heard about PHP's mail() function. It's the equivalent of a screwdriver you buy at a dollar store. It'll work once or twice, and then fail spectacularly and horribly. Use a real mail package such as PHPMailer or Swiftmailer instead. –  Marc B Aug 29 '11 at 3:00

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mail() opens and closes a socket each time it sends a message so no, it's not the best idea as those operations are quite inefficient.

A better solution is to use PHP's PEAR Mail extension; this was designed for sending emails en masse.

As an extension to PEAR Mail, there's also Mail_queue which puts messages into a queue and sends them in the background. This might be a better option in your case.

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Hundreds of thousands will not be easy. Technically it is possible and there should be nothing to stop you, but do not expect it to be an easy task.

A site that 'has to' send that amount, will have to take in consideration DKIM signing which is a time-consuming process.

Let's for example say that an email will need 0.5 a second to be signed, queued and processed.. that's just an example:

100,000 Emails = 50,000 Seconds = 13.5 Hours

To do the trick, you will have to consider buying an X number of VPS servers (in multiple Geo locations preferably) and define each as a mail relay.. Then use a queue system to send your mails using all those gateways.

The same 100K emails above will be sent in 2 hours assuming you have 6 mail relay servers.

Hope this clears some ideas.

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It will work but it will be very slow (like take hours). You should definitely look into some commercial packages meant for handling this sort of thing.

Check out - http://sendgrid.com/

It's easy to setup, pretty inexpensive, and they guarantee that your mail gets to your clients!

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Advertising? If not, please add a small disclaimer in the answer's footer so that people know you're not an affiliate trying to make pennies here ;) People are afraid of clicking you know ;) –  Ruslan Abuzant Aug 29 '11 at 1:33
no not advertising... have just used it before for something similar to what the poster wants. Disclaimer: I don't work for, or care about sendgrid.com I just think it's a good service. –  dubvfan87 Aug 29 '11 at 14:45

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