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Our app can post to a friend's wall successfully. However, if the message contains a url it is auto removed by Facebook. If manually posting to a friend's wall the link in the message shows up ok. Is this a Facebook app limitation? If so, is there a way around this limitation?

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Try using any of these sites that makes your url shorten, I have my app running and posting links on facebook this way with no problems. – Kleber S. Aug 29 '11 at 4:59
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They're doing that to prevent link spam. Otherwise Facebook would be FILLED with links to pr0n, V14gr4 and w4r3z.

I expect that Facebook is executing a bit of Javascript in your browser when a live human posts to a wall. That Javascript would let their server know that the link was posed by a browser that supported Javascript. That's not likely to be the case for web applications that talk HTTP directly.

If I'm correct, then you will either need a Javascript interpreter integrated into your app, or if what Facebook expects as a response is simple enough, then you could just fake it out by sending a canned response.

Try looking at your friend's wall while running a Javascript debugger, then make two posts, one with and one without a link. You could also place a protocol analyzer between your compuer and the Internet.

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