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I have been working on this google map sample using the Mono for Android evaluation version. I now what to add overlays which requires adding a second java class. When i try to add a new java class, even a simple empty class, to either the bottom of the existing .java file, or a new .java file (with a build action of AndroidJavaSource), I get an error packaging the project.

Help? What am I missing? Is there a limitation to the evaluation version of Mono for Android that isn't documented? Do I need to register the new class somewhere?


The error is: "illegal character: \65279"

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Post the error? – jpobst Aug 29 '11 at 15:18
+1 Thanks for the prompt. I was so het up that I couldn't see an error that I forgot to look for it! The only way I could get the error was to go to Tools -> Options -> Mono for Android and check "Adb logging" which writes a log to the desktop. – Adrian Toman Aug 30 '11 at 2:06

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As answered here, the issue is a "bad" (in javac.exe's point of view) byte order mark in file. The file .java was created by from a text file created via Visual Studio.

I made a copy the .java file that I source from the sample and made the necessary alterations and it worked. TA DA!

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