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I'm trying to make a drag + drop shopping cart and have looked into two options: JQuery UI draggable and Scriptaculous Draggable + Rails Helpers, but I'm having difficulty tying controller actions to items that have been dragged into the shopping cart.

E.g. I want users to drag items into the cart div, then click 'checkout' and continue on to providing payment information for all the items, etc...

Currently in my db I have a column that accepts the multiple item ids that they want to purchase as a hash. I've also tinkered with setting it up as a form with hidden fields, but this might not be the best choice.

Any ideas on how I could achieve this? Example code would be awesome if possible. Thank you very much for your help!

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JQuery UI Droppable would work well. There is an example of using it for a shopping cart here:

To integrate with Rails 3, one approach is to treat the page as a traditional (non-AJAX) web form, but use Javascript to manipulate hidden input elements.

  1. Use JSON to populate a JavaScript array/object with your data (your data model)
  2. Use Javascript with JQuery to manipulate the model
  3. Use a small Javascript function to write the model out to hidden input elements that are correctly named for Rails - the function gets run every time the data is changed
  4. Submit the form as usual when a submit button is clicked
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Appreciate the help! I've gotten steps 1,3, and 4 to work, but I'm still a bit confused how to do part 2? I dont get how I can correctly tie each item div (id?) dragged into the cart div to the hidden input? I have a to_json hash with all the items ids and I'm using .val () – ahuang7 Aug 29 '11 at 21:18

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